Welcome to Kitchen Oasis, A Celebration of Cooking Together

Schools, faith communities, hospitals, and organizations can be instrumental in growing fresh food and educating people about sustainable food – Bryant Terry 

Chef Nadine, Green Queen of Cuisine’s  and her team’s passion are to teach people about the therapeutic ways home cooking in the kitchen can heal and nourish beyond our bellies. As the heart of the home, the kitchen also can be a place to engage with wonder, restoration, empowerment, self – care and celebration. With a well-stocked pantry, improvisation, and pleasure, the kitchen is a metaphor for life and humble cooks have always ruled their well-stocked cooking spaces creating food magic out of the abundance of our gifts. The kitchen is a source of meditation, a reaffirmation of the sacred, and our connection to the earth. It is a place to challenge the assumptions about our health, honor culturally relevant food and relish the satisfaction cooking and the kitchen can provide to replenish and refresh our soul.

With reverent thought and devotion, Chef Nadine and her team will share kitchen recipes, remedies, potions, and strategies to liberate and revolutionize our connection to the kitchen to affirm ourselves and our families in ways that are transformative and beautiful to create a setting that gives respite from the world. While an oasis is often referred to as a place where you can find sanctuary and sustenance,  the literal meaning is a green spot in the desert, it can also be used to describe a peaceful unexpected moment in our everyday lives. Global Local Gourmet’s Kitchen Oasis aims to add serenity and well being to your life in the form of cooking classes, culinary tours, experiential epicurean events, domestic arts, homesteading classes and interactive culinary education in your space or ours.