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The Curriculum Developer educator/ intern supports the creation of internal and external-facing instructional materials designed for kids and adults for both recreational and instructional cooking curriculum

This role supports the instructional design process by working closely with subject matter experts in researching and developing the content of various modalities including videos, self-paced eLearning, presentations, and other training documentation.

Curriculum Developer educator/ intern participates in efforts to continually improve Global Local Gourmet/ Kitchen Oasis curriculum and training processes by providing feedback and recommendations on existing curriculum, as well as implementing new and revised materials.

Essential Duties And Responsibilities

  • Partner with members of the training organization, and Subject matter experts to assess and understand the scope of training materials necessary to support learning objectives.
  • Create, or support the creation of instructional materials for multiple formats including training videos, self-paced eLearning, instructor-led sessions, or other training-related documentation.
  • Assist in revising existing curriculum and/or developing new curriculum to support business objectives.
  • Develop content for student assessments and exams to support learning objectives and standards.
  • Assess and provide ongoing feedback and recommendations on existing curriculum
  • Participate in establishing and refining the scope of training development efforts
  • Estimate project work effort and reports progress, issues, and risks to Training Management in a timely manner.

Cooking Class Apprentice 

Calling All Food Enthusiasts! As a Cooking Class Apprentice, you have a great opportunity to not only to meet and learn from some of the finest chefs and culinary instructors in Chef Nadine’s vast network and also gain practical experience and experience excellent food. 


  • Assist with food preparation prior to interactive class or experiential event, such as washing produce, chopping, etc.; getting appropriate ingredients out and within reach for chef’s demo, class or event. 
  • Set tables, this includes linens, wine and water glasses, silverware, plates, centerpiece, filled pitchers of ice-water. 
  • Before class/event, make sure dishwashers are empty and ready for reloading at end of class. 
  • Wipe down tables and chairs before each class. 
  • Set up coffee, water, tea. Get out the cd player or iPod dock set up
  • Set up computer, zoom links, cameras, and microphone if taping virtually or to film segments for courses, workshops and curriculum. 
  • Closely observe class instruction, assisting the chef instructor when needed.
  • Help students if need be either in person or virtually.  
  • Replenish water, coffee, tea as needed. Assist in plating and serving dishes. 
  • Assist in clean-up during and after class. 
  • Other miscellaneous duties as assigned  – very rare but y’know, stuff happens… go to the store for a missing ingredient or make some extra copies of recipes. 


  • Be comfortable in an active kitchen. Familiarize your self with the kitchen set up and correct operation of appliances. Staff or experienced volunteer will show you. Cabinets and drawers are labeled so that’s nice! 
  • Be professional and quiet (as much as possible) when working behind the chef. If assisting chef or dish washing is not needed at the time, stand to the side or the back and observe. 
  • Long hair should be pulled back. 
  • Understand how to use zoom and other virtual platforms to assist when filming or have the capacity and openness to learn. 
  • Register and record your volunteer hours. 
  • Assistants arrive approximately 90 – 120 minutes before class. Commit to 2 shifts every month; approximately 5 hours each. Time flies and its deliciously fun! 


  • Great opportunity to meet and learn from some of the finest chefs and culinary instructors that are locally and internationally known, and also gain practical experience  in interactive culinary education and excellent food. 
  • Choose your own work schedule based on your availability
  • Accrue volunteer hours and after 6 months your time translates into benefits such a year membership, discounts and free professional development opportunities.
  • Experience the class or events!
  • Be the first pool we draw from to hire teachers, counselors and staff.