Learn to cook in the comfort of your kitchen in person or virtually or one of Global Local Gourmet cooking venues.  Culinary learning is always fun and worthwhile with the best part being the joy of eating the fruits of one’s labor. Try a cooking party for a shower, bachelorette or bachelor party, interactive holiday event, or birthday party to name a few of the occasions that take on a unique spin when food is added to the mix.  Learning by cooking, food also becomes a vehicle through which excite our palates, exercise our math skills and employ their creativity and cooperation skill, and discover and appreciate other cultures and traditions making for a bucket list experience everyone is overjoyed to do. In turn our corporate ‘team-building’ cooking classes are interactive and pure joy that will produce measurable results immediately. To celebrate the achievement of an important  milestone, or to raise morale during challenging times, book a cooking class or experiential gastronomy event with Global Local Gourmet. Prices include the 1 1/2   – 5  hour hands-on cooking lesson with  recipes, pantry list, a sit-down meal following the class. For virtual classes, you get a link for the taped class to watch indefinitely

Let US Cook & Feast Together!

Cooking demands attention, patience, and above all, a respect for the gifts of the earth. It is a form of worship, a way of giving thanks.

Judith Jones 

Phone: 917.719.6859