The Global Local Gourmet’s Kitchen Oasis Experience 

Learning to cook elevated humans from lone animals into increasingly intelligent, civilized groups, and though we spend scant time doing real cooking, we’ve become obsessed with watching people cook–a paradox that points to longing for a lost experience. – Michael Pollan

We offer a wide range of cooking classes ranging from various cuisines: French, Vietnamese, Italian Rivera, Spanish Tapas, West African Cuisine to Techniques: Knife Skills, Stir-frying, Grilling, Sous Vide for Home to Special Diets/Wellness/Longevity: Diabetes Prevention, Spa Cuisine at Home, Vegetarian Gourmet, Beauty Cuisine to Domestic Arts: How to Make Cheese, How to Create Tablescapes with what you have, Canning, How to Make Bread.

Please find descriptions of our most popular classes here: and our schedule here: If you would like a customized class please find information below.

We work with our guests to create customized memorable events led by an experienced chef instructor. Private events include a seasonal menu, beverage pairing, instruction and finish with a meal, created by you and your guests.

For more information about private events produced by Global Local Gourmet. To inquire about private classes please fill out private event form here. If you want to find out about Kitchen Oasis Membership please go here and Kitchen Oasis Online Cooking School here. Also think of them as gifts because cooking classes are an experience you never forget. 

Kitchen Oasis Cooking Class Experience 

A modern day interpretation of the 17th-century French salon where an encouraging chef brings people together to captivate each other and enhance their repertoire of refinement by engaging in food, conversation, and other experiential endeavors.

-Upon arrival you will be presented with the chef’s Amuse bouche, a small treat to whet the appetite.

– The chef will go over the menu and reveal tips, demos, stories about culinary artisans and farmers, along with tales from the kitchen confidential

– Working in teams, the menu is prepared

After the dishes are completed, we will sit down to a delectable multi-course meal and deconstruct the meal, leave with recipes and resources about how to recreate the meal, and similar at home. Hopefully, guests depart with some new friends and have a gourmet bag of tricks to share with some old ones too!

Cooking Classes, Parties, and Customized Food Events are the perfect way to bring together family, friends, and colleagues, for memories they will not forget. Cooking together is an excellent way to celebrate special occasions and mix and mingle in an interactive way with new friends. We all know the most fun happens in the kitchen!

Superb for:

  • corporate team building
  • birthdays
  • singles’ mixers
  • fundraisers
  • girl nights, bachelor parties
  • alumni events
  • church groups
  • social clubs
  • holiday parties.