Entrees to Excellence: Culinary Team Building and Celebration Events

Tell me and I will forget. 
Show me and I will remember.
Involve me and I will understand .

An executive’s place is in the kitchen–at least when it comes to teambuilding. Leadership and teamwork are integral to every successful business. Global Local Gourmet’s Corporate Programs provide a delicious array of epicurean event services including Culinary Team Building, Corporate Wellness Programs, Lifestyle Incentives, and other dynamic ways to engage with food, wine, and culture as a catalyst for professional development and celebrations.

Our culinary workshops are not just cooking classes, each program combines corporate training with the culinary arts to improve team performance, group communication, and problem-solving. Preparing food or planning an event, parallels the work environment in calling for resource and time management, specific task assignments, and coordination and communication between several parties. Cuisine is a great leveler; everyone is comfortable with it and we all need it for our sustenance. The idea is to be placed in a new environment and situations where one is given restricted time, limited resources, and new tools to create great results that you can transfer back to the workplace.

We will work with you to structure a class, program, tour, or event around your mission, brand, and particular objectives. We can handle any size group. Global Local Gourmet can bring your epicurean party to just about anywhere. We can come to you and use your conference center, company cafeteria, or we can find the ideal venue for your event. We work extensively with a variety of superb locations nationally and internationally,  from wineries with sweeping landscapes, to other eclectic and unique food establishments and purveyors in hidden places to our connections with luminous gourmet show kitchens. Our network of venues across the country can accommodate any situation. 

Our Culinary Team Building Events are perfect for celebrating:

  • achievements,
  • networking,
  • entertaining,
  • client appreciation and
  • employee recruitment, among other things.