Culinary Tours & Retreats

Traveling and eating are about letting things happen. – Anthony Bourdain 

Jet set for a couple of hours and partake in an engaging odyssey of world cuisine in ethnic enclaves and vibrant neighborhoods. Set your senses on fire as chef guides share secrets of the trade, demystify ethnic markets, share foolproof recipes, teach interesting cultural etiquette, and promote sustainability.

  • Discover a hidden Roti Hut that makes you feel like you are in Trinidad also find out where to buy the best curry to recreate these savory bundles at home.
  • Encounter food artisans, passionate chefs, dedicated farmers, unique craftspeople, and other great members of the local epicurean world. 
  • Visit a bona fide Charcuterie, genuine puapusaria, Pan – Asian market, gourmet cheese shop, traditional French bakery, farmers market, and other food purveyors on the prowl for the freshest ingredients, rare ethnic products, and newest food finds.
  •   Learn from a variety of cultures and their diet’s and not only jazz up your weekly menus but spice up your life.
  • Sample the best Empanadas, Greek feta from the country, 2$ Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls, Take Home Korean Bim Bim Bop, Italian Cannoli, tasty Brazilian Collard Greens and many other treats on your world wind nibblefest.
  • Experience vibrant, exciting, and fun neighborhoods as you learn secrets behind their unique culinary landscape and engage in edible wanderlust.

Culinary Tours are great for groups of all kinds. Take a tour around the city without your passport. We have chef guides in Boston, New York, New Haven, Philadelphia, Washington DC.

We can customize a specialized tour for you, offer virtual tours and Off the Eaten Path Neighborhood interactive maps. Our chef guides act as culinary concierges and will make your experience as delectable, unique, and satisfying as possible. 

We can all plan and facilitate culinary retreats for you and/or your group. We will customize a plan to explore seasonal, ethnic market – inspired food, where you can over the time that you set, learn classic cooking techniques, spend time with artisans, visit farms, enjoy special tasting menus in sublime relaxed settings away from the buzz of the world.

Welcome to our matrix of friends that pride themselves on their hospitality and being good hosts.