Wellness Workshops

Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well.  ~Marcus Valerius

Investing in a corporate workplace wellness program is acknowledged by Fortune 500 leaders as the intelligent and pragmatic approach to enhancing overall employee morale as well as increase employee retention and reduce overall health care costs. The purpose of a wellness program is to support people in adopting affirming behaviors to lead healthier lives and integrate social, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical ways of living. Current research shows that many of today’s major problems of well-being are related to lifestyle and lack of effective ways to manage stress.

Moreover, many of these illnesses are preventable or curtailed by developing positive and constructive healthy habits. Global Local Gourmet’s wellness programs teach people about lifestyle choices that encouragingly impact well-being in a nonstressful, nonjudgemental, and fun manner. A series of experiential workshops are part of Healthy &“Well” thy (U). Our wellness curriculum includes topics that include healthy cooking, physical activity, nutrition, weight management, self – care and stress management. Whether it is a one hour lunch and learn, an office yoga session, or cooking class series that empowers your employees to feed themselves and their families well, we have a program and staff to serve you.