by | Aug 13, 2017 | Recipes

Curry powder is a mixture of spices, including turmeric, used to prepare curry dishes and other traditional recipes in Indian cuisine. Depending on your household, regional subtleties, and personal preference, your curry mixture might include allspice, cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon, coriander, paprika, cayenne pepper, ground ginger and a myriad combination of spices.   Turmeric contains curcumin, the substance that gives the spice a bright golden color, which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and other antioxidant effects. Jamaica had an influx of Indians after the abolition of slavery. They came as indentured servants and brought their spices. We use curry often in my Jamaican family. Growing up I was tired of it but after going to college and seldom having it in the cafeteria, it has been on regular rotation in a variety of my meals every week. Elm City Market curry blend is fragrant and a good standard all – purpose brand to use on your morning hash, add to your lunch gazpacho, season your soup, use in a dressing, or even in a pound cake. Here, curry complements cauliflower which always denotes fall to me. An easy side dish, roasting vegetables brings out their natural sweetness and with cauliflower makes it also taste nutty. The addition of a yogurt dressing cools the spiciness of the cauliflower and the roar of spice curry can have if you like it hot. You can treat other vegetables in the same manner with this method working on potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, sweet potatoes, carrots, and other root vegetables.