One of the greatest pleasures of my life has been that I have never stopped learning about Good Cooking and Good FoodEdna Lewis

SOUL (SEASONAL, ORGANIC, UNPROCESSED, & LOCAL) Food pop-ups are not only good for your body but it is good for the environment. Started as a commission for interactive cooking tents for the New Haven International Festival of Arts and Ideas as a way to engage the citizens of New Haven and empower them to make more healthful choices in their lives to live with SOUL. When you eat both seasonally and locally you utilize less environmental resources and thus reduce your carbon footprint. The ideal diet should include whole organic foods, that are diversified, seasonal, strategic (personalized), culturally relevant, pure and supported locally as much as possible. Teaching people how to make more conscious food decisions by creating an interactive cooking environment where New Haven residents get to engage in food from seed to waste, SOUL Food pop-ups use a variety of experiential games, cooking activity stations, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Art, and Math) tables  set up to learn about gardening, healthy cooking, and sharing food memories while building community and fellowship in line with what Soul food personifies for all cultures 



What’s on your plate:  Draw what you eat on a plate, talk about your diet and look at Oldways World Pyramids and discuss how you can improve the way you eat with culturally relevant strategies and recipes.

Food Oasis Map: Map out your favorite New Haven area food musts 

How Green Are You?: New Haven Resources – How to be Greener in New Haven

Preserving Food Memories and Recipe Book Making- Led by Susan Monroe 

 Sprout a Mung Bean Garden Activity 

Ask a Master Cook or Gardener: Talk with industry experts about all your food questions and get provided with solutions 

I am Blessed 

Lexicon of Sustainability Art Show

Celebrity Chefs and Cook Book Author  Pop – ins