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Free 5 Day Salad Challenge

A salad a day keeps disease and aging at bay

Making and Eating Lean and Green

#saladadayhooray and these next 5 days starting March ?? we begin an unprocessed food trip with fresh salad as our inspiration! Please join us these 5 days for the Summer Salad Challenge and learn how to prepare vibrant, delicious and customizable salads to suit your palate. 

 Banish the rotting lettuce and other veggies in your fridge; this challenge is a catalyst to show off your cooking creativity with recipes, resources, techniques, and secrets for elevating your salad repertoire. 

We are breaking down seasonal veggies and farmers’ summer bounty, beans, multi-grains, noodles, and fruit-focused salads over the next 5 days. We are also making dressings to upgrade and excite the flavors you crave. 

Spring Salad Challenge

Your Salad Challenge Topics:

Day 1

In search of perfection, seek to just show up and do your best.

The #1 goal of this 5 Day Summer Salad Challenge is to eat more vegetables and fruits. We have a different salad to show you how to make everyday, and you can make it if it within you ability. However, we are happy for you to adapt this challenge by simply eating a meal sized salad for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Try to eat the rainbow and create the most psychedelic colored salad possible full of nutrient dense vegetables that represents the colors of skittles😉. Here is the most basic list. We will provide you more detailed shopping lists for the salads we will demo, however, get what you can.

  • Greens
  • Your favorite vegetables and fruits
  • Your favorite cheese
  • Your go-to meat
  • Nuts and seeds
  • A few cans of beans of your liking
  • One pre-made bottle of salad dressing
  • Vinegar, olive oil, and garlic (to make a base vinaigrette at home)
  • Don’t go overboard, especially with the fruits and veggies. It’s best to replenish when you run out, rather than throw out spoilt food.

Day 2

Use what you have

Freestyle with what is in your pantry. The best creations came from seeing lack as opportunity and possibility.


Day 3

You are about to get leafy and make a commitment for 5 days.

It can get hectic and we encourage you to lean forward and through creating a lasting practice of eating more veggies and fruits. What is great about creating a habit with others is asking for support and having a community to answer your questions. We will be here for you.


Day 4

A salad can be as simple as any meal deconstructed with lettuce and added vegetables


Day 5

Salad is the perfect meal for summer.

It is cold, light yet filling. You don’t have to turn on the stove so no excuses. 😏

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